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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shiki Hot Pot - Macau ( 四季火鍋 - 澳門)

This Shiki hotpot is not to be mistaken as the hotpot restaurant in Four Seasons hotel. Rather, it is my favorite hot pot restaurant located inside of old Hotel Lisboa. Shiki is owned by “Bright Future Group” who runs a couple of F&B establishments that serve decent food including Japanese, Shanghai, Italian and Portugese cuisines.

The locality of Shiki hotpot is rather interesting. You will get to see tons of young Chinese escorts with skimpy clothes if you are coming in from main hotel lobby entrance. Hotel Lisboa is perhaps the only hotel in Macau that condoned escorts to roam around within an allowed perimeter. Or rather it has become a landmark in Macau. For all male tourists, forget the ruin of St. Paul, tell your girl friend or wife that you need to examine the artifacts of Stanley Ho in Hotel Lisboa and take a stroll there. You will not be disappointed! Pardon me for not being able to post any picture of the escorts. If I do, I won’t be writing this blog alive!

Shiki Hotpot pricing is more towards the high end side. Dinner for 4 can easily cost you HKD1,200 (RM500) if you only order the basic stuff. Make sure you ask for the price of the seafood if you are in the mood for more exotic live seafood. Cheaper variant of live seafood such as geoduck may cost you from HKD800-1000 (RM320-RM400) to exotic live seafood such as Japanese King Crab – HKD7,000 (RM2,800) for a crab! Macau is full of filthy rich gamblers, so it makes perfect economical sense to cater for this top-of-the-chain cash incinerators.   

However; if you watch your budget and do not order exorbitantly priced live seafood, I can assure you a wonderful hot pot experience dining at Shiki without burning a big hole on your wallet. Shiki only chooses the best and freshest ingredients to serve you. They have never failed to impress me with the freshness of their hot pot dishes every time I patronize the restaurant. You will feel as though the vegetables, corns and mushrooms are just harvested seconds before it is served to you. Besides, it has perhaps more than 10 kinds of base soup for you to choose from. You can even opt for 2 base soup separated in one pot to cater for different preferences.

It is definitely one of the non Michelin star rated restaurants in Macau worth recommending.

G/F., Hotel Lisboa, Old Wing, Macau.    
(853) 2834 5333
Open daily from 5.30pm to 3.00am

Assorted Sauce (醬料)

Thinly sliced Geoduck (象拔蚌)
Chicken Intestine (雞腸)

US beef slice (美國肥牛)
Fish slices (魚片)
Live Prawns (活蝦)
US beef cubes (美國肥牛粒)
Super sweet corn (超甜玉米)
Up - shrimp paste, down - squid paste (上-蝦滑,下-墨魚滑)

Pork liver (粉肝)

Fish toufu (魚腐)
Oysters (生蠔)

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