Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Loving Memory of A Great Uncle

For once, there will not be any pictures nor am I going to write about food. This writeup will be dedicated to a great uncle who passed away on 29th March 2011. His departure shocked everyone in the family to the core as it happened too soon too sudden. 

My fond memory with him dated back many years back when I was a kid. He is always the uncle I look up to and I even wrote an essay about him in my primary school with the title: "The person I respected most". I guess most of the family members do not know how he has shaped me to who I am today. I have way more respect for him that many people gave me credit for.

I always remember his thick glasses, his renault, how hard he worked in his early days, how generous he was to everyone, how he prided himself to be a "Quah", how he stood up against the rest when his principles were challenged. I also remember how he showed this "kampung" boy how it was like to live in a city, how important education is to change one's life and of course fed me so well that makes me so remarkably horizontally challenged than my other sibling.  :)

Without him, I may still be stuck in the kampung perhaps not much educated, got married early with a bunch of kids to feed and failing to meet end needs. And the vicious cycle will perhaps go on and on in a few generations. I will forever be grateful to what he has taught me, what he has given me, how he has shaped me. Till we meet again, I am sure dad, grandfather and you will have a blast in another world.

In Loving Memory of:

Quah Boo Huat